Best Engagement Portrait Outdoors in the San Francisco Bay Area
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Best Engagement Sessions in San Francisco

Do we really think we are the best wedding photographer in San Francisco? No, we understand that there are many different styles and levels of coverage. When we talk about the best engagement sessions, it is really more about making sure what we offer fits into YOUR idea of what the best is for you. We definitely want to make sure that we provide our engaged couples the best possible experience. To accomplish, we make sure that stay in communication with you and find out what is important to you in your San Francisco portrait session. Yes, we have creative ideas of how we want to photograph both of you, but if it doesn't match your own vision, then it is not going to make you happy.

In the photo above we took the engaged couple on a nice hike in the hills. When I found this location with natural framing of the 2 trees, I knew that I had discovered the perfect place. We positioned the couple in the sun and let them do the rest! I love this photo!