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Improve your engagement session by adding props

We frequently instruct our engaged couples to bring some sort of meaningful prop to the portrait session. We will not use these props in all of the photos, but we like to intersperse them with the non-prop photos. What are some examples of the types of props the Bay Area engaged couples can bring to one of our portrait sessions? In the photo above you can see that are couple brought cute signs to display that said bride and groom. This is one great idea but there are many others. If the engaged couple are sports fans they can bring team hats or jerseys. It becomes even more fun if the couple happens too be fans of rival Bay Area team. If you want to go in a completely different direction the couple can set up a picnic of some kind with wine and cheese and the wedding photographer can just record the interaction. These can sometimes be some of the best types of portrait shoots. Whether you have your portrait session in San Francisco or other parts of the Bay Area, we strongly recommend bring some props to the shoot.