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The Importance of Engagement Portrait Sessions

We have talked before about how important it is to schedule an engagement session. There are many reasons for this, but to me one of the most important things is building that rapport with the couple. Yes it's true that when you book the bride and groom you have a nice meeting with them and discuss their wedding. However, it's not until you actually work with them that you get a good feel for the type of people they are and how they will respond to various cues and poses. That rapport can be real important on the wedding day because there's a lot more stress and nervousness on that day. I always enjoy walking into the bridal prep room when I've already met and worked with the bride extensively. There is a trust factor that occurs when they have seen your work and we're happy with it. In many ways, you can become a calming presents for the bride when she's getting ready. In fact, I feel that it's my duty to help relax a nervous bride which is why I will never pressure them to take photos or rush things during that nervous time. I have had many brides tell me that they took more solace from my presence then some of their bridesmaids. To me that's the ultimate compliment a bride can pay me and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to help in that regard. Obviously, the most important thing is to provide great photos, but it's nice to be able to help in other ways as well.