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The photo above really has two major things going for it my opinion. The first thing is it's taken in front of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Bridge. Then of course it's a black and white photo, which I absolutely love. This couple asked us to do their San Francisco engagement photo session prior to their City Hall wedding. To make things easier on the couple we scheduled the Engagement session about a month before the actual City Hall wedding took place. There were a couple of reasons for this. Mostly, we thought it would be nice to have plenty of time focus on their actual engagement session and not have to worry about the wedding being on the same day. For the couple however, it provided them a chance to actually receive their finished engagement photos before their City Hall wedding. This was a plus because they were having a party the night of their wedding at City Hall and so they could post some of these pictures at the reception. We highly recommend pre-wedding engagement sessions because it gives us a chance to build rapport with the engaged couple and it also gives us some clues to how best photograph them on their wedding day. If we are going to make a few mistakes it's better to do it during the engagement session then on the wedding day. This particular couple really wanted their engagement photos to have a San Francisco look and they love the Bay Bridge. In addition to these photos by the bridge we also took them a little bit around the more congested downtown area. Then we also took them to Cupid's bow and arrow which is just close to the financial district. Most of their San Francisco engagement photos were done in color but we always provide our couples kissing black and white images and sometimes also sepia tone. I particularly like black and white photos for the Bay Bridge because I think it works well and helps give it more of an old-time look. The Bay Bridge was constructed in the 1930's so why not?