San Francisco Legion of Honor Engagement Session
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

San Francisco Engagement Portrait Session

We offer our clients full engagement sessions before their San Francisco city hall wedding as an option. We try to do most of our sessions in San Francisco at any of the iconic Landmarks available in the city. We will also go to other locations if that works better for you. We try to be as accommodating as we can and work with your schedule and locations. We highly recommend doing an engagement portrait session before your city hall wedding. These sessions provide 2 great advantages... For one, you get some amazing photos of the 2 of you to display at your wedding or reception. Also, its a great chance to work together with your wedding photographer and develop rapport. It also helps us to get to know you better and how to photograph you both.

Legion of Honor for Engagement Portrait Photography

This San Francisco engagement session was done on the weekend at the Legion of Honor and at other locations throughout the city. The wedding was actually in Benicia, but the couple wanted to do a San Francisco picture tour for their engagement portraits. We took them on a fun wedding photography tour of some of the more iconic destinations in San Francisco. They were a great couple and easy to pose. We visited the Legion of Honor, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Golden Gate Bridge. We offer this type of outdoor engagement portrait session to all of our wedding couples. They usually last about 2 hours and we try to take are clients to 2 or 3 locations in whatever area we are photographing. The photo above was taken among the columns at Palace of the Legion of Honor. Definitely one of our favorite places to take engaged couple because the lighting is so perfect and easy to work with. No matter what time of the day it is you can get great photos with nice directional light at the Legion of Honor. Many of our San Francisco City Hall clients also love to come here for photos after their ceremony. We offer a number of packages that allow the client to come here for pictures and provide a nice variety for their final wedding album.