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Fun Wedding Couple

Fun Wedding Couple

Probably the best part about photographing City Hall weddings is the people we work with. We really enjoy the interaction with our couples whether they are a more reserved couple or a fun loving couple like this one. We have the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world with all kinds of cultures and wedding traditions to tell us about. It's important to Toni and I to connect with the couples and get a feel for what they are looking for. This particular couple made it clear to us from the very beginning that their photography session was extremely important to them. They also emphasized the importance of having fun and of course the wedding pictures should reflect that. What good is it if the couple and the wedding photographers have an amazing time together, but you don't see it in the end result. the challenge then, is to enjoy our time with the bride and groom, but not too much! We never lose sight of the main goal which is providing the client with amazing wedding pictures that tell the story of the day.

Key Factors For Making Your Wedding Fun!

  • Preparation and Planning - A great wedding day is all about making sure you do all of the work beforehand. Make a check list of what you will need on your wedding day and bring a friend you can rely on to help with the little things. One way to ruin your own wedding is end up serving as the wedding coordinator at your own marriage. There are a number of good blogs that help with this type of wedding preparation and they are worth looking for. Here is some Planning Advice I found online that I particularly liked. I think you fill find it helpful.

  • Positive Attitude - We sometimes work with couples who are just waiting for something to go wrong. They fret about making sure everything is perfect to the point that they worry themselves sick. It's important to remember that this is one of the most important days in your life. Embrace it and don't sweat the small stuff! Going back to what was just mentioned about careful planning helps make attitudes more positive.

  • Hire Experienced Vendors - Make sure the people you have hired to work with you on your wedding day have done it many times before. Experienced wedding photographers, videographers, planners, etc. can make your day go smoothly and allow you to have fun. I know that it can be expensive to bring in nothing but seasoned professionals, but I honestly feel it is worth it in the long run. You will be able to enjoy your special day so much more knowing that you have vendors you can trust. San Francisco has many highly rated Wedding Pros!

  • Realistic Schedule - This can be extremely key in making or breaking your marriage celebration. When mapping out your wedding day try to allow enough time for everything you want to do with plenty of cushion in between each happening. There are a few factors to consider including the possibility of parking problems at city hall and/or a late ceremony. Try to enjoy each of the days events without rushing things too much. One of the biggest stress inducers is running late for your own wedding.

Things that Don't Factor into Wedding Fun?

This is where it becomes interesting. Many of the factors we are about to list end up being some of the couple's biggest priorities. I am here to tell you that although some of them may be helpful, they don't lead to wedding fun!

1. Centerpieces are nice, but most people don't get much fun out of them

2. Party Favors are something that you feel obligated to accept and pretend like you want it.

3. Long Ceremonies that go on and on.... Exhausting.

Best Part of Making the Wedding Fun

If the couple can be willing to let go of control, they are on their way! After hiring the best possible professionals and trusting them it makes it all possible. From your make-up and hair person all the way to the wedding photographer, you have carefully chosen the vendors that you believe will do their jobs well. But now comes the hard part..... Letting them! Trust your wedding vendors and enjoy your day. All of the planning, instruction and special requests need to be completed BEFORE the wedding. With all of this in place it's time of have fun on your wedding day! Following some of these city hall wedding helpful hints will also help.

Wedding Photo at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco