Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Window Light Bride
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Window Light Bride

Probably the perfect wedding dress to photograph by the third floor window at San Francisco City Hall. When trying to show texture in a photo it's great to have Northern window light coming in from an angle. This photo demonstrates two things. The first being the amazing detail that you can show by utilizing light correctly. If you take the same image and illuminated the subject straight on you will not see the texture that you do on the dress. In addition, notice the soft light on her face and she looks down. You can only accomplish this at SF city hall with natural window light on the north side of the building. It is basically reflected light coming off the building next door and creating the soft warm glow that you see here. Whenever we have an amazing and unique wedding dress like the one above we always make sure to take some photos of the Bride by herself. We usually do this anyway but we make sure to get plenty of photos when you have something truly different that you don't see everyday. After we finished our photo shoot at San Francisco City Hall, we drove the newlyweds to one of our favorite spots in the Presidio called Woodline. It was here that we hiked down in among the trees and got some great photos with nature in the background. Please feel free to see some of the other photos in this portfolio if you want to checkout Woodline. You may want to choose this to be your location for part of your wedding day photo shoot as well