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Black and White Presidio Wedding Photography

We offer our wedding clients sample photos that are converted to black and white. We try to choose the images that we feel will work best with the color removed. Sometimes if you have an image with too much detail in the back and lots of mixed colors, a black and white conversion will improve the final image. In this particular photo the woods behind the couple were pretty much all the same, but seemed to clash a bit with the bride and groom. So we thought it would look better in black and white. You can be the judge! We have been asked in the past if our black and white images prevent the client from seeing the same photo in color. The answer is no. We make sure that the client sees all of the images in color, but then we send a few black and white samples of selected images.

Black and White Versus Color Photography

As mentioned above, we provide all of our brides and grooms with some black and white samples of their color wedding images. We choose black and white conversions of particular photos for a number of reasons. They are summarized below:

  • Candid or documentary look to the image.
  • Distracting colors in background taking away from main subjects
  • Unavoidable muddy colors in the image
  • Unfixable white balance issues making colors look bad
  • Subject wearing too many bright colors
  • The photo just looks better in black and white!

We understand that it is highly possible that our clients do not always agree with our reasoning above for doing black and white conversions. For this reason, we make sure all of the photos are presented in color no matter what we think. We just want to show the client an alternative look.