Black and White Bridal Portrait with Color Bouquet
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Selective Color Image at City Hall

We enhanced this SF City Hall image using some fairly basic Photoshop techniques which allow us to add color back into a Black and White Image. We do this by taking a nice colorful wedding image (usually with flowers) and making it black and white using Photoshop. Then we can selectively add some color back in to whatever areas we choose. In the photo above, we chose to bring back some of the color of the bride's bouquet, but we could have just as easily done the same thing with her eyes or her lips. I have even seen rosy cheeks being put back in to the black and white image. All kinds of things are possible. Our newlyweds love these types of photos and will often request additional samples once they see a few among their wedding proofs. We never want to overdo special effects, but it is always nice to incorporate a few in every shoot. In the photo above, we focused on the bright colors present in the bride's flowers. We really love when couples bring a bridal bouquet to city hall because it really brightens things up when compared to the building's more neutral colors.

San Francisco city hall railing image with Bride and Groom