Bride and Groom Walking at San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts
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SF Palace of Fine Arts

A Walking Shot at the Palace of Fine Arts

I love this type of photo to help show the environment of any San Francisco destination. We call this a walking shot and we basically just want our bride and groom to walk through the environment enjoying each other's company while looking around at the scenery. This picture was taken at the Palace of Fine Arts and occurred just shortly after their San Francisco City Hall wedding. We brought the newlyweds to this location in our car then proceeded to take them on a magical photo tour of the Palace. For this type of walking shot I feel like it makes it particularly effective if you use a wider angle lens. In this way, the viewer of the image gets to see what the bride and groom are seeing as they walk through the environment. To make the photo look even more natural, we asked the couple not to look at the camera and not to look at each other too much. After all, normally when you're walking you aren't staring at your companion. Instead, you are looking where you're going while viewing the beautiful scenery. In the photo above, we took the picture straight on with the couple walking towards us, but we also will do this photo with a couple walking away from us. This provides a couple of things…. First, you are able to see a different angle and different scenery, and second it allows you to see the back of the bride's wedding dress. Over the years, we have discovered that the more angles you can display of the wedding dress, the better! In addition, the movement in the dress provided by walking also shows different attributes of the gown that wouldn't have other wise been noticed. Trains move around the in the wind, veils blow up and out away from the bride and you see many different angles of the wedding dress. We will even have brave brides run with their dress on and that can really make things look amazing.

One of the biggest veils we have ever photographed - San Francisco wedding

Candid San Francisco Wedding Photography

The other aspect of San Francisco City Hall wedding photography that a photo like this helps with is the bride and groom's desire to have candid photos of their marriage. Candid photos are a very common request we receive from our couples before we photograph their wedding. Everyone seems to want lots of candid and natural type photos. We always do the best we can to accomplish this for them but given the nature of City Hall weddings it's not always possible to capture a great many. The reason for this is that there is no wedding reception and oftentimes there are no guests. So it limits the wedding photographer to showing interaction between the bride and groom and also trying to create moments that look candid . The walking shot is a perfect way to do this and so we always ask the couple to take a leisurely stroll for us. To be honest it seems like walking is our couple's favorite thing to do during a wedding shoot. It gives them a chance to not have to pose and to just enjoy their day. This is another reason we tend to wait until the latter part of the wedding photography session to do the walking shots. By that time the bride and groom are sometimes tired of posing and are ready for something more relaxing.

Romantic posed wedding photography at city hall