Formal Portrait of Newlyweds at The Palace of Fine Arts
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SF Palace of Fine Arts

Close-up Vs. Wide Angle Photography

When photographing weddings in San Francisco, we always have to choose between showing the beauty of the background versus getting closeups up the bridegroom. The truth is, we try to give our City Hall couples quite a bit of both. One of the nice things about having a shooting partner for the vast majority of our weddings is that we can do both shoot simultaneously. For example, the photo above was taken by both Toni and myself at the same time. My photo was more of a wide angle view showing entirety of the Palace of Fine Arts. This particular photo was Toni's shot and as you can see it's more of a close up with the background blurred. Could I do both if I was photographing this wedding by myself? Yes of course! The point is, with our service you usually our couples enjoy having their pictures taken throughout San Francisco. For this particular marriage, we visited multiple locations in the city. What we offer basically amounts to more bang for your Buck. You receive more pictures in less time and this gets you to your celebration or wedding reception quicker. As mentioned, people love to get their photos taken on their wedding day, but they also really want to get to the party. When you provide 2 wedding photographers (like we usually do) this will happen a lot faster. More importantly, you receive both close up pictures like the one above and the panoramic images that show off beautiful San Francisco.