Formal Wedding Photography Portrait of City Hall Bride
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SF Palace of Fine Arts

Texture in Wedding Dresses

This picture of our bride by the third floor City Hall window is one of my favorites. The reason I like it so much is because it really shows the texture of the wedding dress. This detail comes from the fact that the natural light is approaching from the side of the dress. This creates fine shadow detail that allows the display of texture in a wedding photo. As a City Hall wedding photographer I feel it is important to show texture and detail in my images. Using direct flash mounted on the camera could prevent this type of detail from being seen. So this is why we rely primarily on off-camera lighting or natural window light within the building. Fortunately San Francisco City Hall gives us all kinds of opportunities to do both. The neutral walls help with bounce flash illumination. We can also rely on the beautiful natural light that comes in through the North facing windows that are prevalent at city hall. This pose is fairly simple but still does a nice job displaying the wedding dress. I like this type of silhouette when we have a big dress like this one because it really shows off the size and beauty of the bride's gown. This formal bridal portrait is just one of the many types of images we create at San Francisco city hall.