Groom helps his Bride into the Limousine at the Palace of Fine Arts.
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SF Palace of Fine Arts

Groom Helps Bride into Limo in San Francisco

This is a classic type of wedding photo but it's still a nice one to do. It is obviously staged but still is reflective of the groom's desire to take care of his bride by letting her in to the limousine. This limo was parked outside of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. We stopped at the Palace to get some great wedding photos after the couple's San Francisco City Hall wedding was complete. It's always nice to get an action shot like this that portrays movement but also show an activity occurring. In this case, the groom helping the bride to get into the limo so they can head to their wedding reception elsewhere in San Francisco. The reason that a photo like this has to be staged, is that under normal circumstances it would not be possible to see both the bride and the groom's faces. So we still let the groom decide how he was going to help his bride into the car, but we just position them ahead of time so both could be seen. I personally don't think this little bit of help takes away from the wedding photograph. Only we know that it was staged. The majority of people looking at their wedding album someday won't have any idea that this wasn't just a natural occurrence. You might be asking yourself why does the groom have to help the bride into the limo? The answer is, he doesn't. We could have the bride helping the groom as well it doesn't really make a difference. The point of this photo is to show the closeness of the newlyweds after their San Francisco City Hall wedding was complete. In addition, the couple wanted some photos that showed their limousine that they rented. This obviously makes sense because they paid a good amount of money to have this limousine available to them so we might as well capture it on film.

Touring the Palace of Fine Arts with the Bride and Groom

This photo was taken after we spent a good 20 minutes touring around the Palace of Fine Arts taking wonderful photos of the happy couple. The weather was perfect as you can see in the photo. This allowed us to spend some time around the building and also inside the rotunda area. If you look at some of the other photos we took you'll see there's lots of emphasis on architecture in our portfolio photos from this historic San Francisco destination. Over the years, we have learned new ways to take pictures here despite the fact that it is a major tourist attraction. It can sometimes be a challenge to avoid taking pictures of the tourists. We know the best angles and backgrounds to utilize so there aren't too many strangers in the background. One of the reasons it's a good idea to hire an experienced professional wedding photographer is because chances are they will know these tricks and this will enhance your final wedding album. As professionals, we also know the best times of the day to take you to the various locations at this SF Marina destination.