Hooray we got Married at San Francisco City Hall!
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Celebrating Their City Hall Marriage

We always try to take a picture of the bride and groom as they leave San Francisco City Hall. It is a very popular photo among our brides and grooms. Normally we take a formal posed shot of the happy couple In front of the city hall sign, but the photo is the one that everyone loves. We like doing this photo because it has a candid look to it and shows the Newlyweds as being excited about their recent nuptials. Another wedding photo we like to do in this series is a movement shot of the newlyweds walking out of the building. To set this up we have the couple wait for us inside San Francisco City Hall and then we have them walk out and raise their hands in a victory salute. It's a fun shot to do and the couple always enjoys it. With the truly adventurous couples we may have them do a jumping shot outside of the building. An alternative to this would be just to have the groom jump as the bride watches and kind of laughs. For those couples who want more outside pictures, we take them across the street into the city hall Square and get some nice pictures in among the trees. Lastly, it's always nice to get photos of the actual building from far away. Sometimes this particular photo will have cars driving by so it's hard to avoid. I still think it makes for a great wedding picture displaying the outside of San Francisco City Hall in all its Glory.