Limousine Kiss in front of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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SF Palace of Fine Arts

Limousine Kiss in San Francisco

This photo was taken at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. We had just completed a City Hall wedding and the limo took the newlyweds to the palace for formal photos. At this point we led the couple on a photography tour of this beautiful historical San Francisco landmark. We walked all around the building taking photos in various places with unique and creative backgrounds. In addition, we did a lot of natural types of photos with the couple hand in hand walking through pathways. There are many different pathways to walk among the beautiful old columns and trees. We really enjoy letting our couples lead the way at times. This makes the photo shoot appear to be more natural and relaxes the bride and groom. As we finished up our shoot we walked back to the waiting limousine and wanted to make sure we took some photos with the actual car in the background. We ask them too do various poses and set up shots some of which involved the groom helping the bride into the limo. The photo above is far away shot that shows quite a bit of the background. We always think it is a good idea to get a photo like this that display everything and puts the event and location into perspective. Plus it was a long stretch limo and I am sure they paid for every inch of it. Might as well show it all in the photo! Once this particular Wedding photo shoot was complete, the Newlyweds headed back to the reception venue for more celebrating.