Palace of Fine Arts - Historic San Francisco Wedding Venue
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Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco Wedding Venue

The Palace of Fine Arts is truly a historic San Francisco landmark. It also happens to be one of the most picturesque wedding venues in the city. A large percentage of our San Francisco City Hall brides and grooms want to come to the palace after their civil ceremony is complete. It seems even more true when it comes to international couples. I think that when you are overseas there is a lot of talk about the Palace of Fine Arts. China in particular seems to spend quite a bit of time telling their potential visitors about this famous landmark. Perhaps because the world's fair was here over 100 years ago which helped it become famous. In any event, we love to bring our clients here for wedding pictures and find that there are many options to explore. In the photo above, you can see that we used the beautiful repeating lines created by the columns in the background. It makes for a spectacular background even though it is slightly blurred in this photo, it still works great. At certain times of the day these columns actually will change color depending upon the angle of the sun or the presence of clouds in the sky. An amazing phenomenon comes about when he columns and other parts of the building actually take on a pinkish Hue. Other times, especially in the morning, golden tones can prevail. This makes The Palace a nice match for the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter what the color it ends up being, it becomes a very nice background to put our City Hall brides and grooms in front of. The parking is plentiful and it is only 20 minutes from City Hall in San Francisco. We can make this part of your San Francisco city hall photo tour.

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