San Francisco City Hall Grand Staircase Wedding Photography Image
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

San Francisco Grand Staircase

There is nothing like the Grand Staircase at SF City Hall. It is truly an amazing architectural highlight of the building. People literally come from all over the world to see it and walk up to the top of it. Getting a shot like the one above gives us such an incredible feeling, because it is so rare to have this opportunity with no tourists around. Of course other wedding photographers with their couples and quite a few Quinceaneras also use the staircase for the same purpose. Future Brides and Grooms always ask us how we are able to so frequently display wedding pictures that feature the Staircase but with no people. The answer is easy.... As we take the newlyweds on their city hall photo tour we are constantly looking over our shoulder at the Staircase. We have found over the years that there is an ebb and flow to the tourists and the other photographers on that structure. Once we see it clear up, even for a moment, we jump on it right away. We stop whatever we are doing and take the couple for some great wedding photography. It is the only way we have discovered that works to get uncrowded wedding pictures on the Grand Staircase. However, on occasion we are unable to get a clear shot of the stairs without some people. Especially on Fridays or other busy wedding days. We have learned ways to cut off part of the stairs without showing the other people and this seems to work as well. There are any number of ways to make sure we get at least 1 or 2 great wedding images for our newlyweds and we will always try. NOTE: For now the tourists are much less of a problem since we still find ourselves in a Pandemic. Not many international tourists are coming over to see San Francisco city hall for the time being. We expect this to change, but we are enjoying it while we can!

Blue dress bride with her groom at San Francisco city hall - Wedding photography

Attractive couple at San Francisco city hall with bride in blue dress