Silhouette  Wedding Photography in San Francisco
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Unique Silhouette City Hall Image

This is not an image you see very frequently at San Francisco city hall. Most wedding photos in this area are taken from the outside of the building to show only the outside of the building so you can read the city hall exit sign. This image has a whole different look with a reversal of that iconic image you always see. In fact, when you try to look at the city hall sign it reads backwards because you're reading it through the back of the window. Sometimes I will adjust this in Photoshop just for fun, but it's not really necessary. The main idea of this shot is to show a silhouette of the couple looking out the window to their future, so to speak. With the couple in the above photo we took a whole series of images in various poses. Some were looking out the window while others were looking at the camera. This image shows them kissing. This can be a difficult photo to capture properly depending upon the light coming in from behind the subjects. The important thing is to show just enough detail to allow the viewer to know who the bride and groom are but still providing somewhat of a silhouette effect. I always feel like this image is even more dramatic when you have a bride wearing a veil. I love the way the light comes in and shines through the Veil making it glow. This particular image is also different in that it's a wide-angle shot. We managed to show all three entryway doors while still making sure the couple was prominent in the photo. I think you will agree it is a pleasing image. It certainly was one that the bride and groom loved.