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Wedding Dress Glows at SF City Hall

In the photos above we placed our San Francisco city hall bride in front of the south facing window and had her spin around creating this lovely glow in the dress. We took a number of shots as she twirled around but this was our favorite of the bunch. This bride had a very natural way of posing for the camera and this made it very easy to work with her. It was almost like working with a professional model as she just seemed to know how to move and smile. She was also very romantic with her expressions and demeanor. We took many more photos of just her throughout our city hall photo tour with the bride and groom. Of course we also included the Groom in most of the shots and he was pretty romantic as well. This played in nicely with her dramatic expressions and helped create a memorable San Francisco city hall photo tour. After the San Francisco city hall portion of our wedding photography coverage, we took the couple on a tour of the town. We ventured many iconic destinations including the The Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge. We really enjoyed working with this couple and created some amazing memories.