Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Window Light
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Window Light Photography

In the fall season, certain windows will allow the low sun to stream into the building. This allows for the type of photo seen above where we positioned the couple in the direct light. Ordinarily, as a wedding photographer, you would assume that it is better to avoid harsh light such as this. However, in this instance it adds another dimension to the photo. The point is that you always want to provide plenty of nicely lit images for the bride and groom, but it can be fun to be a little creative with some of the shots. I would not want to provide our newlyweds with a whole series of images like this one, but it is a great idea to give them a few samples. Professional wedding photography is all about painting with light. If you look at a photo like this and it makes an impact, then you have a successful capture. In this particular image, the south window at San Francisco city hall had brilliant light streaming through and we saw it as a great opportunity to provide a creative image. I used my off-camera flash to soften things down a bit and fill in the harsh shadows. If I had turned up the flash to maximum power, the lighting effect would have been lost. So I set it just enough to provide some fill light. SF City Hall provides us with many opportunities like this to get creative and make our clients happy.