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Outside Wedding Photography

When you look at our city hall wedding portfolio, you will notice the the majority of the photos are taken inside of the building. We love to show off the architecture and beauty of this amazing venue. However, at certain times of the year, the outside can look pretty special also. The photo above was taken in the square by the trees at SF City Hall. These trees in the background seem to grow slow and only look good about 4 months of the year. They cut them way back each year and they take forever to come back. They do make a very nice backdrop for outside city hall wedding pictures when they are full. We have even used the dormant row of tree trunks to make a nice repeating lines backdrop that ends up ending with the city hall building in the background. We also are very willing and able to take a few pictures of the building from across the street with our wide angle lens to show off that part of the building. Often times this particular view will have a high number of cars and maybe pedestrians which is mostly unavoidable. However, it still makes a great image for your wedding album.

Romantic San Francisco city hall wedding photography on 2nd floor