San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - Balcony Walk
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Mayor's Balcony Walk

This wedding ran a little late and we decided to take some photos on the Mayor's Balcony with them walking hand in hand. At San Francisco City Hall this location happens to be one of the darkest in the building so it created a nice mood with the lamps showing a nice warm glow. Sometimes the best wedding photos are created by the bride and groom just by being themselves. We resisted the temptation to add some lighting to the image because we wanted to retain the mood and also make the lamps show up. It's interesting, but when you use professional light on this floor, it does work well, but it renders the lamps almost invisible. However, in some cases, outside lighting is needed, especially if you are shooting out towards the Rotunda and staircase. Without some sort of lighting assist, the background tends to outshine the bride and groom making them into silhouettes. Obviously, not a good luck unless you are trying to do it intentionally.

Romantic wedding photography at San Francisco city hall