San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography - Twirling Bride
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Motion in Wedding Photography

We asked the bride to spin slowly in the window light and then took about 10 photos at various angles. We liked this one the best because it showed off the width and size of the wedding dress. The golden light comes from the window and also from the railing near by. One of the keys in creating images with impact is to somehow show movement. Despite the fact that wedding photography is all about creating still images, one of the challenges is to show motion in the photo. We do this by not settling for all static poses from our bride and grooms. We encourage them to move around a lot during our photo sessions. We will make suggestions that give them ideas about how to do it. Listed below are some of our common suggestions to create motion in our wedding images at San Francisco City Hall:

  • Twirling while holding wedding dress
  • Bride and groom walking hand in hand
  • Interaction shots with groom trying to make bride laugh
  • Jumping shots
  • Running shots with bride holding dress
  • Having the couple playfully push each other lightly while walking
  • Bride touching groom's face or the other way around
  • Kissing shots, but with some sort of movement (like bending back)

As you can see from the list above, we also encourage our couples to interact and have some fun during the shoot. We want to avoid an entire wedding photography session with just poses. Sometimes the best pictures come out of our couples doing their own thing. They know they are being photographed, but they still act natural and enjoy each other like newlyweds should!